10 mobile app trends to look for in 2019

10 mobile app trends to look for in 2019

by Anand Suresh

Though 2019 is already a month old, it’s still worth looking at some of the likely top developments occurring in the world of mobile apps. Let’s jump right in.

Machine Learning AI/Chatbots

People have been using Siri and OK Google for a while now. They are popular due to their ease of use and their ability to interact in an almost human way.  Similarly, Chatbots are very popular on many technology sites. Expect these to appear more and more often in other locations, particularly in those where information requested is relatively predictable. As companies look to finding ways of reducing customer service costs, look for these to appear pretty much everywhere.

Instant Apps

Requiring users to download apps to be able to gain access to features for a business has always been something that has been a bit of a stumbling block in the relationship between companies and consumers. Instant Apps, or apps that will run on a mobile device without requiring the user to download are likely to become very popular both with businesses and consumers.

Internet of Things

Beyond keeping a record of whether your house alarm is working, expect many more opportunities to arise regarding the IoT. Smart Homes will be becoming more and more of a possibility. On the lookout are tools such as connecting coffee makers and crockpots. Also likely are tools which enable parents to keep track of children or the ability to monitor medical alerts through your mobile device.


Expect mobile web pages to become a lot faster. Google’s Accelerated Mobile pages is slimmed-down version of HTML to increase the speed and processing power of mobile web pages. It will vastly improve user experience and retention. Developers would wisely make use of these tools or risk being left in the dust.

Cloud Integration

People have gotten used to using the cloud on laptops. It has become standard for file backups, image and music storage. The sheer amount of data we store is likely to require that we make use of this via our mobile devices as well. Most people expect their online experience to be seamless with their mobile use. To meet this demand, expect to find a much higher level of cloud integration to work with mobile applications to enable users to move smoothly from home, to car, and to office.

Wearable Apps

The popularity of the FitBit appears not to have been a flash in the pan. Despite the lackluster earlier roll-outs of items such as Apple Watches, wearable applications are likely to become much more popular in 2019. Market research from CSS Insight suggests that 25 billion dollars will be spent this year on wearable devices. In order for these devices to work, they need to be linked with an application on a smartphone. As a result, there will be a huge growth in applications designed to work with these devices.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Although the short-term excitement of Pokemon Go has waned, Augmented Reality still remains a large growth area for applications such as helping visualize furniture layout, assisting with makeup application, and more.  AR is likely to become larger in the coming year.

Many businesses are also becoming interested in the idea of using VR to sell products. For instance, if a consumer could see an image of themself seated in a new car, this may be considered as a way to increase sales. Look for the development of apps that can perform these functions.

Mobile Payments

If your business or applications require any form of payment by users, it is becoming more and more of a necessity to make sure that users can make transactions as easy as possible. This expectation is now transitioning to in-person payments. Mobile wallets are likely to become much more heavily used this year and the next. More and more users will be moving toward digital methods for making payments directly from their bank accounts to merchants.

App security improvements

Many of the other developments in this article require revealing more information about users. In response to this, and given ongoing consumer concerns about privacy, many developers will be working to ensure that customers and their data is being kept secure. This is likely to increase with the popularity of mobile payment options. If developers are paying any attention to users’ concerns about the growing lack of privacy this is a development that will require attention.  

The use of multifactor authentication and methods such as using salted-hashes for ensuring integrity of apps will increasingly become standard.  Recognizing that users are concerned is also important as the GDPR regulations have shown us.  Notifying users of cookie usage is going to become a standard practice, if not already required in European countries.

Platform Agnostic Applications

Many developers are moving beyond building apps for one ecosystem or another. With these applications, users should not require having either an Android, or an iPhone, or a Google Pixel to be able to get an application. Due to users’ inconsistent uses of one device or another, it will become a necessity to provide the same application independent of the device.


Some of these may take off and end up gaining traction over the course of the year while some of them may end up forgotten and may not be worth your time. This is a list comprising of the 10 most trending topics in the tech realm for 2019 that we think are worthy of keeping an eye out for. As a developer looking to remain competitive, it is advisable to become aware of these trends, as they are likely to become game changers in the next year or so.

Anand Suresh is a Senior Technical Project Manager at Practical Logix. He specializes in bridging the gap between the technical and non-technical teams while maintaining budget, timeline and quality of projects.

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