Practical Logix is a team of professionals fashioned into a nimble group ready and capable to apply the appropriate mix of skills toward your projects. We love the idea of learning new technologies, pushing the limits and meeting rising challenges that stem from the changing demand of technology—its kind of why we joined this line of business. Above all, our team’s drive is based on building software that have great potential to solve most real-world problems and make a lasting impact for good.

With team members from all across the world, we tap into the brightest minds to fill our ranks who specialize in the fields of Application Development, Cloud Engineering, Big Data and Analytics, GIS–Geographic Information Systems, Quality Assurance and Optimization, Support and Maintenance, and UX/UI design.

As a company, we’re very proud of the people we’ve pulled together. Their expertise is top class, but that’s only half of it—it’s how we work together to bring you project results that really displays our strengths. Just see below for the industry standard processes we’ve adopted.

Agile Methodology

Our teams use the Agile Methodology, arguably the most powerful development approach in the software world right now. We use it to great effect for delivering rapid value to our clients, always seeking the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which allows us to make progress in shorter steps so that new features can be added as we learn from the user and market. This means at each incremental step of the way, a real product exists—no over-commitment to software features that are found useless after months of development, while saving valuable time and money.

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Based on the Agile Methodological approach comes DevOps, a very logical adoption by our teams. DevOps is an amalgamation of Development, Operations and the overall Agile Methodology, which closes the gap between the two roles of creating software applications, and deploying and running those applications. We are always pursuing efficiency and effectiveness in our solutions to clients. DevOps empowers us to eliminate time wasted in potential problems areas by combining and streamlining the processes of development through production.

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Rapid Development

Rapid value delivery through rapid development is powered by Agile Methodology, Test-Driven Development, Extreme Programming and the Practical Logix way. Call it a response to how quickly technology progresses, we call it keeping your product competitive.

Using the advantage of rapid development, we are able to quickly determine whether new incremental features really are useful for your market. If the end user won’t use it, can’t use it, or finds no value in it, we would rather commit resources to features that will make your product stand out and excel. Producing incremental Minimum Viable Products and receiving immediate feedback give us that insight.

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Minimum Viable Product

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the best measure of real success. Developing a base application with just enough features to satisfy the end user completes a feedback loop that our developers use to add functionality. Sometimes we remove functionality that seemed good in theory but falls flat in practice. This also happens to be the best way to avoid going over budget.

By approaching solutions with an MVP, the product gets to market quickly satisfying users faster.

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Support and Maintenance

Often overlooked is the necessity for Software Support, though we always attempt to develop for longevity, we also know that technological change brings us greater opportunities and functionality. But not all software manages to keep up with the changing times.

Practical Logix employs a multifaceted approach to Support and Maintenance encompassing Corrective, Adaptive, Perfective, and Preventive processes. We apply these processes to standalone, web, mobile, and cloud projects and depending on the nature of your application software, one or more of these processes may keep you competitive in the ever-changing tech and market landscape.

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