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How do you stay competitive in the digital space? With a digital partner like Practical Logix—a full-stack custom software development firm offering services across the entire product lifecycle—strategy, design and development, testing, support and maintenance. We’re a trusted, experienced and fast application development team that creates cutting-edge products for multiple verticals, including Media and Entertainment, e-Commerce, Healthcare, GIS, Retail and Big Data; just to name a few. Practical Logix aims to work within your project specs, time, and budget.

Custom Application Design and Development

Practical Logix’s custom application development services is aimed to impact your business to be more efficient, more collaborative, and better at what it does. We operate on solid software development principles and methodologies, like Agile and DevSecOps—client focused, solutions-oriented, and rapid value delivery—to develop software products that improve your business results. We don’t measure by lines of code, we measure by impact. Whether you are looking for custom eCommerce application development, custom WordPress development, a Drupal website or a custom headless solution, Practical Logix can and will deliver it for you.

custom ecommerce application development

Our Development Services Include

  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Headless Website Development
  • OTT Application Development
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Custom Drupal Development
  • Headless eCommerce Development
  • Geospatial Application Development
  • PoC Development
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Payment Systems Integration
  • Smart Applications
  • Wearables
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Analytics and BI
  • Data Science, ML and AI
  • Application Security
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Migration

Key Considerations

Headless CMS

Working with content management systems makes it much easier for your business to make changes to your website without the need for developer intervention every time. Practical Logix specializes in development using both traditional as well as Headless Content Management Systems.  We provide development services for a wide range of CMSs including custom WordPress development, custom Drupal development, headless eCommerce application development and more.

Cloud Native Applications

We build applications that are equipped to take advantage of distributed computing in the Cloud delivery. We architect the applications based on scalable cloud infrastructure and cloud-based microservices. We incorporate this architecture into our agile and dynamic development methodologies the entire software development and deployment life-cycle modular, streamlined and failsafe.

Mobile First Design and Development

As most of the web traffic comes from mobile devices, your website requires to be be optimized for these devices. We consider the overall experience during the planning stage, look at what subset of features will be available on mobile, desktop, etc. and how they will be implemented. Although the bandwidth has increased over the recent years, we still architect the applications based on “Conditional Resource Loading”.

Measure, Iterate & Grow

Outfitting your web and mobile applications with Analytics & User Behavior Tracking is the first step in taking charge of your data and decisions. We can employ multiple COTS solutions in your application to track and present insightful metrics. These metrics are the foundation for determining the future phases and growth of your application and infrastructure along with calculating the ROI and marketing efforts.

Product Development Phases

Discovery & Planning

The discovery and planning phase focuses on exploring your current business and technology processes and infrastructure. The phase includes identification of target audience, competition analysis, understanding current and future business goals, technology exploration, skillset needs and product-market fit. A well-written Product Requirements Document emerges out of this phase as a blue-print.

Workflows and UX/UI Design

In this phase, we use some of the best industry tools to create wireframes and UI prototypes based on the Product Requirements Document. We enable you share advanced ideas of your product vision with your stakeholders and other management, using these prototypes. You are also able to zero in further on your MVP guidelines in this phase by activating a close and collaborative feedback loop.


This phase involves laying out an Agile plan, assigning expert resources and performing an iterative and collaborative development process. With an established and tight feedback loop we ensure sustained progress and coding quality. We also make sure to conduct sprint-driven quality assurance as a pre-cursor to a more stable final MVP that can be prepared for User Acceptance Testing.

QA and User Acceptance Testing

Although we prepare a comprehensive list of test cases to be performed as part of the QA efforts in the development phase and after, the need for an elaborate User Acceptance Testing is inevitable. In this phase, you take charge in testing the product like an end user would use it. Our development team is on alert to fix and stabilize the product based on yours and other stakeholders’ feedback.

Preparation & Launch

Depending on the preference and business goals, you may choose to have a silent launch or a public launch. We can prepare the blueprint and execute in both scenarios. We make sure that the cloud infrastructure is sustainable, appropriate load testing has been performed and passed, application and infrastructure security have been validated. We also perform a SysOps audit of the application and infrastructure to plan for post-launch support requirements.

Post-Launch Support and Maintenance

Every successful software product goes through a journey of stabilization and growth. We cannot emphasize more, the value of this phase in that journey. We make sure your product continues to be stable, your hosting infrastructure continues to function and your data continues to be secure.  We provide both application support and maintenance as well as 24/7 SysOps support with appropriate escalation matrices for issues of any priority.

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