8 WordPress trends for 2019

by Jason Simon Jason Simon No Comments

As of the last year, WordPress is responsible for almost a third of all sites on the web. The reason, of course, has to do with the ease of using themes that someone else has created. As a result, discussing trends within this platform pretty much determines how much the internet itself will look and behave.

So let’s take a look at a few interesting developments which are coming down the pike for this year.

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Debug Panel: A creative way to test mobile applications

by Anand Suresh Anand Suresh No Comments

We all have been in situations where we had to send app builds to multiple teams for their own testing needs. Although it is hard but still possible to keep track of them with build and version numbers, it is not an efficient way to handle this situation. When there are multiple API environments setup that testers need to connect to, advertisement ids need to be flipped to test ads, get detailed debug logs from testers etc., it becomes a nightmare to coordinate.

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Cost-optimization – getting the most out of your cloud services

by Vijay Kumar Vijay Kumar No Comments

You are likely already familiar with the advantages of moving many of your business operations to the cloud. The added flexibility and scalability alone makes it easy for your company to rapidly adapt to changing environments. You have the ability to quickly change applications or provide more resources for your business with ease and minimal expense. You also have the advantage of being able to run various aspects of your business remotely from pretty much anywhere on the globe to be able to increase the opportunities for collaboration even if all of your business partners are not located in the same place.
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