EPIX Case Study

Safe and Secure Virtual Screening Platform Using Amazon Web Services, Blockchain, and NFTs

EPIX is a 24-hour premium television network with a line-up of critically acclaimed original programming and thousands of top Hollywood movies. EPIX sought to build an NFT-based secure virtual screening platform for its existing and pre-release content for Promotions, Award Considerations, and Press Reviews. The platform needed to enforce a Zero-Trust Security Model, Role-Based Administration, Blockchain-based Content Storage, Streaming, and Session-based Watermarking.

  • Integrate Blockchain-based Content Distribution and NFT tickets.
  • Security at the forefront.
  • Backend CMS with Role-Based Administration.

Virtual Screening using Blockchain and NFTs

EPIX’s requirement for a Virtual Screening platform was also fueled by their enthusiasm to adopt state-of-the-art technology, Blockchain media storage and distribution, and NFTs for creating expirable tickets for virtual viewings. Practical Logix (PL) had the expertise and experience with integrating with Eluv.io (a blockchain DAPP based on Ethereum that utilizes intelligent contract logic to drive access), stream customization, and metadata delivery.

The platform relies on an embedded blockchain ledger, contract-backed content, and dynamic composition, enabling personalization, rights control, monetization, and re-use of media and metadata across properties and devices. The PL team closely collaborated with the EPIX and Eluvio teams to reuse existing architecture. Built a reliable core infrastructure that integrates with Eluvio for ticket creation using NFTs, manages permissions, and tracks users.

PL also enhanced the infrastructure to provide a Zero-trust security model by leveraging Eluvio’s blockchain-based interfaces to retrieve content based on permissions.

Zero-trust Security Model

Although leveraging Blockchain for content storage and NFTs for ticket generation ensured a higher level of content security, the Virtual Screening Platform required additional steps for enforcing security. The PL team integrated a third-party OAuth provider to ensure the use of MFA and group-based permission management for both users and administrators. This model allows for a potent combination of OAuth group-based and an intelligent contract-based permission system for content access. Additionally, session-based watermarking offered by Eluvio and the implementation of strict DRM policies made the platform the right choice for the teams at EPIX.

Backend CMS and Role-Based Administration

A CMS-powered the Virtual Screening Platform in the backend, which a select group of team members administered at EPIX. The permissions and roles of these members are enforced using a combination of capabilities by the OAuth Provider, the core infrastructure as well as Eluvio’s smart contracts on Blockchain, hence, making it a safe place for admins to curate content, import exclusive lists of users/viewers, create events, and send and track time-bound invites for viewing content using NFT tickets. Users can then redeem these tickets within the specified time and watch content. The CMS provides metrics to analyze the redemption of tickets and the performance of the events.


Practical Logix implemented a strategy for EPIX for the Virtual Screening platform that was a combination of buy and build. PL worked with third-party teams and their products to architect the platform with scalability and reusability. The resulting platform leads to similar COTS platforms in security, technology, strategy, cost efficiency, and ease of use.

Practical Logix reduced overhead in time and cost by bridging the gap between technology and business in an unprecedented fashion. The outcome of this relationship is an excellent example of the fact that following security, industry processes, and strict standards do not have to slow down the growth of a company but can be streamlined and leveraged as a strong foundation.

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