Transforming a healthcare organization to use modern MedTech strategies, applications and tools has proven to be substantially more efficient for both staff as well as patients. Our services and R&D capabilities bring transformation to your current ecosystem by adding multi-functionality, scalability, and complex data management and analysis. We make sure that you are prepared for the future by leveraging cloud-based services and technology.

Working with us

We specialize in building systems used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries designed for research and commercial analysis in their designated fields. We can help your organization or research lab keep detailed track of test results, equipment, and samples. Through our HIPAA compliant software development and cloud operations, we can bolster your organization’s best practices in managing sensitive data and resources. We can also help you create rules for making decisions and help with operations intelligence as well as revenue strategies.

Beyond building and setting up this software which follows all HIPAA compliance requirements, we also provide tools for automating your processes and provide regular support, to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly.

Key Areas

  • Application Development for Patient and Provider Portals
  • Application Development for Patient Requisition Management
  • Third-party integrations for Insurance and Payment Systems
  • Cloud Migration and Engineering
  • HIPAA and FHIR Compliance and Guidance
  • Hardware and Software Testing and Reporting
  • Advanced Data Analysis using ML and AI
  • Inventory Management
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Data Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Reporting
  • Time-tracking

Stay Tuned.

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