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Since our inception, we have worked with some of the best studios and channels in Hollywood as well as startups in varying capacities ranging from app development to digital transformation. We have helped in evolving their technology offerings for both B2B and B2C initiatives. During this process, we make sure that the content is secure, proper cloud strategy is implemented, insightful analytics are captured and sustainable monetization channels are in place. We also ensure that our solutions bring scalability, reusability, security and support efficiency in implementation for clients’ short and long term goals. Our modern engineering processes and R&D capabilities bring a streamlined approach to product development in enterprises of any scale.

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Key Areas

Multi-platform Product Development

Working with Practical Logix will enable you to make the best use of your content with over-the-top (OTT) application development. We specialize in multi-platform app development services, and can help you construct substantial digital advertisement strategies as well as Virtual Screening Platforms. All of these services will work with your existing (or new) content management systems (CMS).

Architecture Transformation

Handling large amounts of data worth of media titles can be challenging, particularly if you are working off locally hosted servers. We will help you implement systems where this information can be stored securely, shared, and distributed with efficient workflows. We also make use of some of the latest bleeding edge strategies, such as blockchain and NFTs to distribute information in new and innovative ways.

Virtual Screening Platforms

Whether you have the need for offering existing content or new and upcoming titles, Practical Logix can create virtual screening platforms where your content is streamed to users using secure registration and ticket redemption. We can implement native DRMs and permission based access model using third-party integration.

Cloud Migration and Automation

Our Cloud Migration services are geared towards improving efficiency, scalability and reducing costs over time. We help establish DevSecOps workflows and train your team to follow the same. We can also leverage modern systems to automate workflows for better efficiency. We are a trusted partner for Cloud Engineering Services and Optimization.

Web3 Technologies Integration

It is an unavoidable fact that we are moving to the future with Web3 technologies. We can work with third-party systems who offer such integrations in Media and Entertainment sector streaming, DRM, watermarking, dynamic audio/video processing, zero trust security model and more.

Monetization Strategies

Implementing omni-channel revenue strategies can be cumbersome but can bring in sustainable revenue over the long term. We specialize in creating solutions for content monetization through direct-to-consumer operations and digital platform solutions for Video on Demand (VOD), transactional VOD, advertising-based VOD and subscription VOD strategies.

Native DRM Implementation

We make sure that your content is not only able to be delivered, but also that it is secure, and free from piracy. Setup and implementation of Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems is important to ensure that your intellectual property is secured.

Analytics and BI Implementation

If you maintain large amounts of digital assets, capturing and understanding user behavior of these resources is extremely important for understanding how best to serve your customers. Practical Logix can and will help you organize this content and track how users interact with your resources.

Zero Trust Security Architecture

Ensuring your operations are secure is, for better or worse, something that you need to be able to manage effectively.  Practical Logix uses a strategic approach to cybersecurity, where we validate each and every piece of all transactions or activities within a system.  We identify what pieces of your systems are visible, and what your critical assets and data are that need to be protected. We ensure that your infrastructure itself is treated with the assumption that a malicious user could access them, and protect against malfeasance.

Back office Optimization

Beyond the experiences provided to your users, we also provide methods for improving your internal workflows and processes, whether it be ingestion or data transformation. No matter your business needs, Practical Logix will help you find ways of streamlining your processes to reduce labor and waste, and to improve efficiency and productivity.

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