4 methods for minimizing browser reflow

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With the speed of growth and availability of new web-development technologies, the temptation is to immediately jump in and use everything at our fingertips.

Jumping on the newest technology often seems de rigueur for most web developers. We feel the need to learn the newest fastest ways of generating content and new functionality that excites clients. If a new technology comes along that does something new, it seems that every web-development shop demands that you learn this new tool as fast as possible so as to be always on the cutting edge.
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DynamoDB – Scalable NoSQL DB on the cloud

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What is DynamoDB?

DynamoDB is highly scalable enterprise-level cloud-based NoSQL database service provided by Amazon. It uses a document-based structure, but includes some of the features of RDBMS-like databases such as tables and keys. It boasts a high-level of scalability, and boasts single-digit millisecond responsiveness which makes it available to be utilized by some of the largest internet companies; it has been adopted by the likes of Netflix, Lyft, IMDb, Duolingo, Shazam, and many more.
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Emergence of DevSecOps

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Over the last decade, DevOps has transformed the software development landscape. The practice has led to development teams and IT operations working together to produce software faster. DevSecOps takes DevOps to the next level. In traditional software development, security teams got involved around the end of the development process, nearer to deployment. In a DevSecOps practice, the security tasks are prioritized from the start. It strengthens the DevOps process to create more secure and robust software.

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What is wrong with MVC

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I’ve seen many developers and articles blaming the Model-View Controller architecture for many, if not all, of the troubles that are brought up in the iOS community.

Today, I offer a few alternate views and approaches to this issue. Moreover, we also explore a few techniques/guidelines that can reshape the concepts of MVC as well as project management in general.

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