Web Development Trends for 2019

by Anand Suresh Anand Suresh 1 Comment

Your website is the first contact you make with a potential client. In fact, approximately 200 new websites are created every minute. With such stiff competition, the design and usability of your website comes into play. How you engage with your visitors and share information becomes crucial to your growing success.

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How to create a Product Requirements Document (PRD)

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When beginning with any large development project, typically your company will go into a meeting with a development firm with a set of ideas about what you want. You have a general idea of something you need. Maybe you need a website for your business. You may need some software that will help you process payments. You need a way of understanding something out of your data. You typically have a “why” in your head; you approach a meeting with a problem to be solved.

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Buy vs Build: Finding what is right for you

by Sreejith Partha Sreejith Partha No Comments

If you are running a startup or a large enterprise, a common question is whether to buy preexisting, already constructed (COTS) systems or software, or whether to build them yourself. For those of who work as developers, there’s a strong tendency to want to build it themselves. It is typically a large reason that they are in this field in the first place. However, from a business perspective it’s necessary to do a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether the time it takes to create a product is worth it compared to many pre-existing systems, or how would a strategic combination of both be beneficial.

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8 WordPress trends for 2019

by Jason Simon Jason Simon No Comments

As of the last year, WordPress is responsible for almost a third of all sites on the web. The reason, of course, has to do with the ease of using themes that someone else has created. As a result, discussing trends within this platform pretty much determines how much the internet itself will look and behave.

So let’s take a look at a few interesting developments which are coming down the pike for this year.

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