Next generation cloud solutions: Unveiling AWS Latest Features and Services

by Anand Suresh

Have you had the opportunity to check out the AWS Latest Features and Services yet? If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity to leverage tools that can help make your work easier and allow you to get more done. The company continues to offer additional tools and upgrade the ones they have already put out. You should examine which tools can aid you the most when it comes to getting things done and begin to increase your productivity and results. When you work with your AWS Cloud development partner, you may find that you can reach far greater heights than you ever would have imagined possible. 

AWS ParallelCluster: Improving High-Performance Computing Results

It is simply not acceptable to use any run-of-the-mill computer to get your work done these days. The real work today is being done by extremely powerful computers capable of processing enormous quantities of data in minutes (or less). Processing all of that data and converting it into a format that is useful and comprehensive is something you can count on AWS ParallelCluster to help you out with. It is one of the AWS Latest Features and Services.

AWS ParallelCluster is an open-source AWS cloud development tool created by Amazon. It assists users with the work of managing high-performance computing (HPC) clusters. That information can be extremely valuable. It is nice to know that you can translate the mountains of data that you have pouring in each day. 

The best part about this application is that it comes at no additional charge. You only pay for the AWS resources that you use to run your applications. Therefore, you only receive charges for what you truly consume, and not simply for having access to a program. 

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AWS Proton: Keeping Tabs on Containers

There were an estimated 226 million shipping containers moved around the planet in 2021. That number is only going to continue to climb as global demand for various goods continues to soar. This is why all companies must consider how they are managing their use of shipping containers. A shipping container must go through many steps before it is ready to arrive at its final destination. With that in mind, you need to have a bird’s eye view of what is going on with those containers. 


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Being aware of AWS Latest Features and Services can give you an edge. AWS Proton provides an overview of your workflow processes in a way that can prove truly useful to you. When you have this program running, you can see where all containers are and where they might be some logistical hangups in your processes. Simply knowing where those hangups are is a great way to begin to take action to do something about them. Make sure you give yourself the technological tools you need like this to manage your containers and get everything where it needs to go on time. 

Container management is far more important than you might ever have imagined. Customers tend to have high expectations about the deliveries that they request. Therefore, you need to do everything in your power to meet them where they are. When you use AWS Proton, you enable yourself to stay updated on the location and logistics of your shipping containers. 

AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry

The value of machine learning continues to skyrocket. There are many companies that are already experimenting with it more than ever before. In fact, it may continue to play an outsized role in the economy of the future. Machine learning has been around for some time, but it has recently become more useful because we have far more data available to plug into the machines that will allow them to compute important facts and figures for us as needed. As part of AWS Latest Features and Services, CSU Global provides examples of the technological advances that have allowed machine learning to play a bigger role than it ever did before:

Access to Larger Datasets

It is undoubtedly the case that access to more data than ever before has helped pump up the usefulness of machine learning. Those machines literally feast on the data that we provide to them. These days, virtually everything is tracked at all times. Thus, it is easier than ever before to provide the machines with the data they require to produce actionable results. 

Data Storage is More Affordable

Holding all of the data in storage is something that the world needed to figure out how to do. It hasn’t been easy to figure out before, and it remained a challenge up until recently. Advances in data storage technology have made it easier and more cost-effective to store data for later use. 

Better Processing Power

Computers and other electronic forms of technology continue to improve with each passing year. The companies that create these technologies know that they must continue to work on providing their customers with more computing and processing power than they ever had before. Thus, computers continue to improve with each passing year. 

These are just a few of the reasons why machine learning has become so omnipresent and so attractive. We finally have the resources necessary to make it a reality in our world, and that is truly exciting to many people. 

AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry is an AWS Cloud development tool that you should have in your back pocket. The reality is that this is something that can reduce the amount of time it takes to troubleshoot an issue, and it can improve outcomes overall. Don’t forget to speak with your AWS Cloud development partner about adding this one to the rotation. 


AWS Lake Formation: Creating Secure Data Lakes

Do you lie awake at night worrying about a potential data leak at your place of business? You don’t want to be paranoid about things. However, you should give some consideration to the damage that a data leak could cause for your organization. explains the danger of a data leak: 

Data breaches often expose highly personal information, including Social Security numbers and passwords. These events, which are a form of cyberattack, enable unauthorized parties access personal details that they can use to potentially harm consumers.

When sensitive information like this becomes leaked, it exposes all consumers who have ever done any business with you. It also creates a bad mark against your reputation as a company that cares about keeping customers safe and properly maintaining the data and information that they have been entrusted with. As part of AWS Latest Features and Services, AWS Lake Formation is an AWS cloud development tool that allows you to create data lakes that are secure and maintain the privacy of your customers. 

So, that begs the question, what is the value of a data lake in the first place? There are many advantages to having a data lake structure, including: 

Breaking Down Data Silos

Companies across the board have begun to look at the data silo structure that they used in the past with a skepticism that they might not have had before. This is because data silos make it nearly impossible for teams to collaborate effectively and get the most out of the data and information that the company possesses. In other words, data silos mean that vital data gets locked up in one department or another and isn’t accessible to other teams. However, AWS Lake Formation eliminates this issue. It allows users to create data lakes that make data more accessible and more useful than it ever was before. 

Scale Your Data Lakes with Ease

Amazon understands that you want full control over your data lakes. That means controlling who has access to the information contained within those data lakes. This is why AWS Lake Formation has made it easier than ever to create unique permission structures so that only those who have been granted permission to access certain pieces of information will be able to tap into it. Change the permissions easily and at will as your organization scales up. 

Create Your Lake in Just Days

Finally, you must not forget about the amount of work Amazon has put into creating its AWS Lake Formation platform. They clearly care about providing users with the tools they need to create a useful data lake in just days. In fact, that is far superior to what you will get with other platforms. That is why AWS has remained a favorite of users for as long as it has. 

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Ultimately, there are plenty of things you can do with the AWS Lake Formation service that simply aren’t available with other platforms. You will have to check it out for yourself to understand the full span of its capacity and what it can mean for you. 

There is a delightful assortment of things you can do when you use the AWS system. We stay on top of the latest AWS cloud development additions so you can learn about them first. If you would like more information about what you can do with the AWS suite of products, please contact us. Let us know what you specifically need, and we will help you find it!

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