New(ish) Javascript frameworks worth examining

New(ish) Javascript frameworks worth examining

by Anand Suresh

Starting off a new year, and want to learn a new Javascript framework? Let’s take a brief overview of some of the more interesting developments. Some of these you might already know, but others might be worth an exploration.


First of all, we would be lapse if we were to ignore Vue. While you may already be familiar with it, there’s a reason why it is of the fastest growing stars in the world of Javascript. Using a clear syntax, it allows you bind directives directly into the page, and creating template elements is fast and uncomplicated.

In other words for those inclined toward design but don’t want to get too bogged down in the code itself, it’s very approachable and developers who are already experienced will find that it is it is relatively powerful, flexible and lightweight.


If you are looking for speed, InfernoJS is an excellent choice. While coding vanilla JS will invariably be the fastest at rendering your code if you are looking for a framework which will deliver without spending hours of coding time.

It is easy to get used to as as it uses a React-like library, with the same API hooks. This way developers do not need to spend a lot of time learning new methods.  A large part of speed comes from the fact that it uses a virtual DOM so it does not need to make steady call to the DOM for error checking and the like.


Do you like using various different frameworks for different purposes? The Stencil library might be something that might help you out. It enables you to create framework-agnostic library elements that can be used and reused in many different environments.

It uses the Shadow DOM API, enabling you to create sub-trees within the DOM. You have all of the power you do with the normal DOM, but can create useful private code elements which do not affect the outer DOM. The styles are scoped to allow working either with the Shadow DOM, but also with the ability to affect outer elements if you so choose.

Ant Design

If you’re looking for a cool framework that behaves somewhat differently that others, you might want to look into the Chinese-developed Ant Design. While in some ways it a minimalist React kit, it is also a very elaborate ant-farm of a framework including an enormous number of interconnected libraries, some of which are fully functional and ready for consumption.

One bit of warning; as you browse the official website, you’ll discover that a considerable amount of the documentation is untranslated Mandarin, however there’s a large community dedicated to converting many of these into English. If you are into playing around on your own, it’s fantastic, and if you aren’t, stay tuned as it is daily becoming more accessible.

These are just a few of the standouts, but there are many more, so have fun!

Anand Suresh is a Senior Technical Project Manager at Practical Logix. He specializes in bridging the gap between the technical and non-technical teams while maintaining budget, timeline and quality of projects.

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