Cloud Engineering

Cloud Engineering

by Sreejith Partha
The internet may have freed the employee from the office, but now the Cloud is freeing the office from the employee. Companies are adapting quickly to the benefits that Cloud-based systems offer, like easy scalability, seamless updates, cross-device mobility, and shared data.
Practical Logix elevates your business systems to the Cloud.

Leverage The Cloud

Advantages of Cloud Computing

The Cloud presents solutions for all stages of business, whether yours is in need of modernization, flexibility, or innovation. This is clearly an advantage when it comes to organizations considering the unlimited scaling potential the Cloud offers. On-demand scalability and significantly lower costs are powerful incentives for businesses looking for advantages if they move to The Cloud. However, effectively leveraging those advantages requires certain changes in workflow policies.

Organizations already capable of handling DevOps, continuous delivery via Agile software development, containers, and microservices are best equipped to plan and develop cloud-native applications, services, and platforms almost immediately. On the other hand, businesses that have been operating without these approaches, need to embrace a paradigm shift in their daily workflow techniques for  a cloud-native endeavor to be truly effective. Practical Logix understand how to interface with both needs.

Our Cloud Offerings

Practical Logix provides the full gamut of Cloud related services. Cloud Strategy is the best place to start to understand your options. Use our Cloud Migration services for elevating your already existing systems to the Cloud. Design and develop applications and solutions that are suitable for and live in the Cloud. Most importantly, have those solutions professionally maintained to be up to date and to make sure that you are using the Cloud infrastructure efficiently.

Our Cloud Offerings
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Infrastructure migration
  • Re-hosting
  • Re-platforming
  • Re-purchasing
  • Re-architecting
  • PAAS (Platform As A Service)
  • SAAS (Software As A Service)
  • Cloud Compliance
  • Configuration & Release Management
  • Continuous Delivery, Integration & Deployment
  • Cloud Messaging & Collaboration
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Log Management
  • Security
  • Cloud Lifecycle Management
  • Cloud Capacity Planning & Optimization
Cloud Strategy

If your company is new to the idea of migrating your IT to the cloud, it’s best to avail of our Cloud Strategy services. Work with our expert team to narrow down your goals and target the services that enhance your business the most. We aim to give you the understanding and confidence that will empower your decisions.

Cloud Migration

One of our more involved tasks is Cloud Migration, moving your in-house IT infrastructure or application service to the Cloud. We take steps to eliminate the risks involved in migrating your valued data, that’s why we are extremely meticulous during these operations. We aim to create a better experience for you in the Cloud while maintaining the complete integrity of your data

Cloud Development

There are a lot of well known Cloud solutions, often coming in different forms like PAAS (Platform as a Service) and SAAS (Software as a Service). Application development is one of Practical Logix’s core strengths, a strength that extends to Cloud-based software and platform development.

Cloud Operations

By design, users of Cloud-based systems benefit in many ways, like flexibility, security, accessibility, cost-savings, and latest technology adoption. Practical Logix knows Cloud Support and Maintenance. We offer Cloud Lifecycle Management to ensure operation of your daily workflows, and Cloud Capacity Optimization essential to scaling resources and meet the demand of your users.