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If it can’t be measured it can’t be improved. At Practical Logix, we help clients turn everyday information into actionable insights by embedding powerful analytics into their application and cloud infrastructure. This facilitates continuous learning and tremendously helps to perform educated iterations across their strategies and solutions.

Importance of Data Analytics

A source of rich business insights, data is here to stay. Current polls suggest that large companies are already married to the idea of uncovering actionable insights within their data, spurring further investments into advanced big data analytics services, technology and techniques, but similar polls show that 56% of Small and Medium Enterprises rarely or infrequently check their business data. Those same polls state that between 73%-87% of SMEs are expecting to invest more in data and analytics in 2018.

Importance of Data Analytics

Will you be investing in the right technology?

Case Study at Directv

Case Study at Directv
  • Inefficient data collection strategies for customers’ browsing behavior in Directv’s primary application for iPad
  • Outdated user experience
  • Poor architecture rendered the custom video player component unscalable and non-reusable
  • Current API resources were in the process of being phased out, resulting in a sluggish use
  • Directv needed a UI and architectural overhaul to deliver the best possible experience for its consumers
  • Improve the analytic component which resulted in a better collection of users’ behavioral data
  • A paradigm shift in the User Experience due to more insightful data collection
  • A reusable video player library that can be leveraged for multiple applications across the company
  • Migrating to contextually aware API resources resulting in a improved response time


At Practical Logix, we work with some of the most advanced and widely used Data, Analytics and BI tools in the market. Our wide grasp of the industry tools allows us to respond to the needs of applications case by case. This means that you know the right tool will be available to bring you insights that will guide your business success strategy.

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