eCommerce Development

eCommerce Development

by Sreejith Partha
Whether you would like to move your existing commerce online or start a new shop online, we are fully equipped to help you reach that goal. At Practical Logix, we help merchants, leverage e-commerce to its best potential by enabling the digital workflows for them, streamlining their users’ interaction online, implementing the best payment systems and incorporating the appropriate data and tracking tools. And, of course based on the needs, we can determine if a fully custom solution may be necessary or an off-the-shelf approach would be sufficient.

Why sell online?

A recent study by NRF (National Retail Federation) revealed that an unprecedented 96% of all Americans with access to the internet had made an online purchase at some point in their lives. With the advent of marketplaces such as Shopify, Magento, Amazon Webstore and Bigcommerce, the amount of effort to have an online presence for your commerce business, have been drastically reduced.

However, putting the puzzle together to get started is, admittedly, a daunting task. Practical Logix has helped numerous clients digitize their inventory and streamline their processes to kickstart their online presence. We have also helped them grow the business by providing personalized recommendations to users, streamlined checkout workflows, and hassle-free administration.

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Working with Us

There will be occasions when the number of features you require are far above the threshold of what off-the-shelf systems offer. Leverage our expertise to build e-commerce solutions that are tailored to your business goals and the experience you need for your users. Following are some of our capabilities:

e-Commerce Strategy
e-Commerce Strategy

We can customize WordPress, Drupal or any CMS platforms to fit your needs or build a website with supporting CMS from the ground up using cutting-edge technologies supporting responsive design, site performance, powerful site search and security


The design for e-Commerce applications has to consider the full cycle of users’ experience, from searching for a product to delivery at the doorstep. We make sure that the experience is as seamless as it can get.

e-Commerce Web Applications
e-Commerce Web Applications

We can customize WordPress, Drupal or any CMS platforms to fit your needs or build a website with supporting CMS from the ground up using cutting-edge technologies supporting responsive design, site performance, powerful site search, seamless payments, and security.

e-Commerce Mobile Applications
e-Commerce Mobile Applications

With more and more users willing to make that purchase through a smartphone, it is important to make the user experience cross-platform including platforms like iOS and Android. We can build native as well as mobile-optimized responsive sites to enable the users.

Content Management Systems
Content Management Systems

Every e-commerce solution is incomplete without a powerful CMS. We can leverage platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, Django to build Content Management Systems that strictly aligns with your administrative workflows.

Payment Systems Integration
Payment Systems Integration

As part of cart management and a seamless checkout experience, a great e-commerce system should integrate with a renowned third-party payment system. We can provide the expertise in such systems as Braintree, Paypal, Venmo, Stripe, and more.  

Big Data in e-commerce

According to eMarketer, retail e-commerce sales reached a staggering $1.915 trillion in 2016. This only according to 8.7% if retail spending worldwide. This is expected to increase to over $4 trillion by 2020, making up to only 15% of the retail spending that year.

Let us admit it – competition in e-commerce is tough. Hence, retailers and brands who use advanced analytics to learn about user behaviors and market trends, gain a substantial edge over those who don’t. We bring this expertise to the table, implementing the analytics solutions in your product using various SaaS options or even custom built ones. Our main objective is to make sure that you are not left behind in the crowded space due to lack of actionable insights. The main advantages of having advanced analytics are:


By far, this is one of the most powerful ways to promote impulse buying decisions. You can market products to specific user segments based on their tastes, buying habits and much more. .

Price Optimization

Due to competition and abandoned cart issues, it is imperative that e-commerce platforms offer incentives to visit back and complete purchase or purchase additional products. Having data about transactions, similar prices, competition, and other variables can help you optimize the amount of this incentive.

Improving Customer Service

Issues following online purchases require a very well-informed customer service team and processes. You can empower them by providing a 360 view of the customer, their buying habits and other trends that are key towards solving concerns quickly and satisfactorily.

Market Trend Analysis

Whether it be through social media, websites or news articles, cutting-edge technologies and algorithms can forecast the shift in market trends and sentiments allowing you to prioritize and meet the demands for your products appropriately.