Geographic Information Systems

Advancements in geographic science and big data make Geographic Information Systems (GIS) some of the most insightful but dense datasets around—it is a combination of overlapping data layers, visualizations, maps, and analysis. Specializing in serving Local Government needs, Practical Logix implements GIS solutions to improve the life of citizens, save tax dollars and maintain efficiency.

GIS for Local Government

Decisions are only as good as the insights you make them with. Practical Logix works with local governments to map and bring clarity about local conditions, then strategizes and implements cost-effective GIS solutions and maintaining the GIS data infrastructure. Whether data existed previously in non-digitized form or is already digitized, we can work with it, digitize it, then apply insight-producing analytics and visualizations.

GIS for Local Government

For better decision making in real-world situations, use data rich geographic information in any of these scenarios or similar:

  • Adverse Event (Crime, Fires, Accidents)
  • Cartography
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Protection
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Infrastructure Assessment and Development
  • Land-use Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Parcel/Tax Mapping
  • Permit Tracking
  • Population Studies
  • Property Management
  • Road and Utility Maintenance
  • Urban Planning and Development

Geospatial Application Development

In the data world, some of the biggest datasets around are Geospatial Datasets. Building scalable applications that can fully process and analyze datasets so large requires a new way of thinking. Practical Logix is versed both in using off-the-shelf packages and building custom applications to solve real-world problems using geospatial data. We customize solutions with our Big Data friends at Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri). Esri is a group of leading developers and thought leaders in the field of GIS.

Geospatial Application Development

Case Study

Real Time Bus Location Updates
Case Study
  • Replacing the existing mobile web interface to provide better user experience to passengers
  • Syncromatics’ clients needed custom branding and native mobile user experience for their riders
  • Due to the multitude of clients, Syncromatics needed a mobile infrastructure that can be white labeled
  • An absence of a backend platform to channel the data to the mobile applications
  • Create a “templatized infrastructure” to provide modularity, branding, and customization for any of Syncromatics’ clients with minimal effort
  • Create a native application on iPhone and Android to support the above
  • Create a new backend platform with API endpoints to channel client’s data to mobile applications
  • Real-time user experience for passengers with a native application on iPhone and iPad
  • A versatile infrastructure that can be white labeled to the requirements of any client
  • Scalable publishing workflow for Syncromatics to provide every client the mobile solution they required
Real Time Bus Location Updates

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