Evolution of Testing Methodologies in Recent Years

by Sreejith Partha Sreejith Partha No Comments

Gone are the days when testing was considered an optional part of product development. Now, every company tests products rigorously before delivering them to the client so there are no issues. It has become essential to test each functionality of products while they are being developed to avoid business losses.

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Scrum and Kanban – How Scrumban can help

by Anand Suresh Anand Suresh No Comments

Within any methodology that has been around for some time, it is inevitable that competing camps will eventually arise within the system. While as scrum is easily the most popular method used for moving projects through to their completion within an Agile environment, an older idea, taken from the Japanese model of Lean production, or Kanban, has seen a resurgence. Whereas Scrum breaks projects down into small pieces allowing a team to focus on one task at once, Kanban sees projects as part of a larger flow.
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