Support and Maintenance

Despite the industry’s best efforts, software is not a static creation. Practical Logix understands the need for protection from adverse conditions that may rattle your infrastructure and software products. Our Support and Maintenance efforts are structured based on a workflow that allows us to proactively avert crisis as well as rapidly respond to problems as they arise. Having Practical Logix as your trained and experienced support team may be the single greatest way to ensure your tech is not in jeopardy.

If you don’t understand how to run an efficient operation, new machinery will just give you new problems of operation and maintenance. The sure way to increase productivity is to better administrate man and machine.

–W. Edwards Deming


Industry Standard Support and Maintenance Framework and 24/7 Support

Maintenance Framework

Types of Maintenance

Maintenance requires predictability, and so we have aligned our offerings with the accepted ISO standards (ISO/IEC 14764) categorizing maintenance as Corrective, Adaptive, Perfective, and Preventive.

Corrective Adaptive Perfective Preventative
AKA Reactive Maintenance, take quick action to solve challenges after error discovery, such as bug fixes to more complex software feature tweaks. We address changing technological, company, or management environment conditions that push your app towards obsolescence through adaptive updates. The gradual improvement and fine tuning that constantly aligns your app with your business goals and your customer more closely; retainer approach. To minimize disruption in your business processes, we take a proactive approach to heading off latent bugs or future software issues; system operations.

Application Support and Maintenance

Application Support and Maintenance

Is your mobile or web app breaking down, are bugs popping up, or is the technological ecosystem leaving your app behind? Address these issues thoughtfully and formulate a plan with Practical Logix and eliminate disruptions to your business caused by outdated software. Our Application Support and Maintenance service ensures that your organization has a team at hand – ready to tackle various technical challenges associated with the upkeep of your applications. This way your users are guaranteed the best possible experience, irrespective of the situation. Our application maintenance services include:

  • Improvements
  • Regular Fixes
  • Feature Updates
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Data Backup

Cloud Support and Maintenance

The cloud has become home to most data. Of course, its popularity is understandable – it is virtually limitless, requires no significant capital investment, and you pay for only what you use. Although moving to the cloud has its advantages, it does bring complexities. Our Cloud Support and Maintenance services help your organization navigate this technology safely.

Our team analyzes your situation and sets up tracking on multiple fronts to detect issues before they affect you and your customers. We also ensure that your systems are running at maximum efficiency. After all, the cloud isn’t free and using available resources efficiently can cut down on costs significantly.

Here’s what our Cloud Support and Maintenance services cover:
  • Cloud Migration
  • Resource Optimization
  • Detailed System and Resource Tracking
  • DevOps Services
  • SysOps Services
  • 24/7 Support

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