Solidify Your Digital Footprint With Custom WordPress Development

by Anand Suresh

The centrality of digital footprint is on the rise as tech-enabled solutions are progressing. Solidifying their digital presence has become among the central factors most organizations are focusing on. One way to create an impact and reach customers and consumers is by creating highly customized websites that stand out from the sea of websites found on online channels. What better tool to work around these requirements than the custom wordPress development, right?

Custom WordPress Development

In this article, we will take you through the intricacies of customizing your website through WordPress to achieve your organizational goals concerning your digital footprint. By the end of the article, you will have it all figured out, starting from optimizing user experience and enabling high security to use plugins for custom WordPress development.

WordPress Development: A Cornerstone for Digital Presence

More than 45.8% of all websites on the internet leverage the capabilities of WordPress. (Source: W3Techs) There is no website-building tool that is simpler and more intuitive than WordPress. This is one of the reasons why a large chunk of businesses choose it to boost their digital presence. Let us look at the market share occupied by WordPress along with its customization features.

Popularity and Market Share

As per reports, WordPress has captured 43.1% of the market share as of December 2023. (Source: W3Techs) The platform has come a long way since its release in 2003. A vast range of website types are built using WordPress, ranging from small blog websites and e-commerce sites to large business websites. 

Some of the leading players in the market, such as NASA, The White House, CNN, NFL, NBC, etc, all use WordPress. Increased flexibility and best-in-class functionalities make WordPress one of the most trusted development choices for businesses.


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Custom WordPress Development & Why You Must Leverage IT

Custom websites are individualized websites built from scratch by planning the minutest details of the website, ranging from design to functioning. It is done to build a website where every aspect of the building is well in tandem with the business requirement and highlights the business voice or the business goals. It is usually done by hiring a team of website developers and designers since technical knowledge is extremely necessary to build something from scratch. 

Further, choosing to build a customized website instead of using templates helps you opt only for the features that are immediately relevant to your functioning. This aids in building the website with fewer and clearer codes that ultimately improve the speed and performance of the website. They are made with a preplanned structure in mind to enhance the website’s performance.

Custom Websites That Best Represent Your Brand

Custom websites take you a long way in truly representing the motto and voice of your brand. It allows you to craft every single aspect of your website in tandem with your brand identity. Let us further look at how this happens!

Aligning Design with Brand Identity

Building a customized website is like designing on a blank page of paper with all the necessary tools. You are more in control of your website, ranging from design and style to layout. It enables you to micro-manage every part of your website and have it designed just the way you desire. 

On the other hand, templates allow you to choose from a range of options, but you might have to compromise on selecting some features that are not to your liking. 

Customization Features in WordPress To Match With Your Brand 

There are different ways to customize the brand website to match your brand. Begin by creating a logo for your brand and choosing a color scheme that resonates best with your brand. 

Next in line, we have font combinations and layouts that can help you present all the data you want in a well-managed way and add supporting pictures wherever you want. 

Customization Features in WordPress To Match With Your Brand 

Custom websites allow you to design your website as if you were using a canvas, and you have the liberty to do anything and everything that brings out your brand’s image. With such customization features available, you can truly create a website for your brand that not only sells the products but claims that they belong to you in a specific way. This helps build up the uniqueness that makes you stand out from the crowd. 

Ways To Optimize User Experience With Custom WordPress Development

About 86% of consumers agree on paying more to have an improved customer experience. (Source: Skyhook) One of the key aspects of any website is to build a user-friendly website that incentivizes the users to make purchases and keep coming back for more. To enable this feature, WordPress allows scope for:

1. Improving Accessibility with Custom WordPress Development

You can enable better accessibility by adding alt texts to your images, using different headings and making navigation simpler, adding label elements to forms, using color contrasts, and enabling keyboard accessibility. With these simple features, the developer can take their website up a notch when it comes to accessibility. 

2. Focusing on Mobile Responsiveness 

Several users make purchases on mobiles, which necessitates focusing on mobile responsiveness. The layout and the product showcasing should be made in such a way that a mobile user can easily navigate to their required section and make purchases. Custom building the website allows the developers to create a more mobile-friendly website by creating their layouts and navigation measures. 

3. SEO For Better Visibility

Customized websites usually have a better SEO ranking as they build everything on the website with a target in their heads. With better SEO rankings, the website is sure to outperform the other websites on the internet. The website builders ensure the website codes are SEO enabled as well to designate only the top ranks for the website. 

Ensuring Security Measures for a Robust Digital Presence

While design, layout, and accessibility are important concerns, website security is a factor that troubles every website owner. Customization allows organizations to build websites while enabling all the safety measures. 

Most Common WordPress Security Concerns

The most common security threats faced by websites are unauthorized logins, malware, credit card skimming, undefined user roles, cross-site scripting, phishing, supply chain attacks, Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), hotlinking, and denial of service attacks.

Most Common WordPress Security Concerns

These can cause damage not solely to the organization but also dissuade users from accessing the sites due to security concerns. 

Custom websites can be built with a closed source network to secure the website further compared with template-based websites. Further, they can also tackle any security concerns that arise in a better manner. 

Implementing Security Plugins and Practices

Custom WordPress development comes with a range of plugins that help enhance the security of the website. Different WordPress plugins cater to different security concerns. 

Some commonly used plugins for overall website protection and monitoring are:

  • iThemes Security
  • All In One WP Security & Firewall
  • Patchstack
  • Sucuri Security – Auditing
  • Malware Scanner and Security Hardening
  • BulletProof Security

Further, plugins for scanning and blocking malware and viruses are SecuPress, Security & Malware Scan by CleanTalk, Security Ninja, WPScan – WordPress Security Scanner, and MalCare Security. 

Additionally, there are similar plugins available for tackling security concerns related to authentication and login security, hiding files from unknown users, spam and bot prevention, etc. 

Role of Plugins for Better Custom WordPress Development

Plugins are a core aspect of custom WordPress development functionality, irrespective of the industry and size of the website. As per studies, you can avail of over 60,000 free plugins from the official WordPress plugin directory. (Source: WordPress)

Let us look at the benefits accrued from utilizing plugins in WordPress:

1. Enhance Functionality

One of the primary benefits accrued from enabling WordPress plugins is its usability in enhancing the functionality of the website. Plugins equip websites with different features and functions to cater to business requirements. It brings together the implementation of different website features, all with a quick plugin addition. 

2. Additional Customizations

Plugins allow you to add customization features to the website. Plugins such as Elementor, Astra Pro, Ad Inserter, and Beaver Builder are all useful for enabling customization concerning layouts, design, and functionality that suit your business requirements. 

SEO Plugins with Custom WordPress Development

3. SEO Plugins with Custom WordPress Development

Next in line, we have a popular usage of plugins in the name of SEO additions. They allow the users to add meta tags using titles and descriptions to provide valuable information to search engines and better rank the website. , 

4. Website Analytics

Tracing the site activities and user engagement is crucial to building strategies for the future. With the website analytic plugins, users can get insights into the website engagement, number of visitors, views, bounce rate, and other metrics to know where their efforts are leading. 


With the diverse range of benefits accrued from custom building a website, organizations can hardly say no to it. While it may come across as a time-consuming process at once when compared to using templates, it only reaps profits in the future. A little effort made at the beginning can take your business to unimaginable heights. 

What are businesses primarily aiming for these days? Nothing but uniqueness. There is a sea of websites similar to yours for the customer to choose from. The only way of creating something unique that hooks the reader is by building customized websites that truly represent the core specialties of your brand. 

Now is your time to study your unique requirements and start building a customized website with custom WordPress development services to kickstart your business with a boom. But how to get started?

We at Practical Logix are here to help. With our WordPress experts and custom WordPress development services, we make sure to build the website application just as you desire, keeping the industry standards in mind. Diverse functionalities and custom integrations can be put in place by opting for just the plugin you need. 

Speak with our professionals today and get your own custom WordPress application in no time!

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