QA Automation Testing in 2023: Pros and Cons of Outsourcing It

by Anand Suresh

Even for the best software development companies, choosing whether to contract out software testing services or do it in-house has always been difficult. Is it more beneficial to hire internal team members? Or outsource the QA automation testing work to a specialized company, possibly one headquartered overseas?

The pros and cons of each are readily apparent, but they will always differ from business to business. Therefore, it is wise to consider the benefits and drawbacks of software QA outsourcing. This is based on your needs to fully comprehend the situation and determine the right course for your business.

This article will dive deep into the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing your QA automation tasks. And why even a top software development company outsources its QA automation tests. Let’s dive in.

Why Top Software Development Companies Outsource Their QA Tests

According to Statista, the total income earned by the IT outsourcing sector last year was above $400 billion. These figures demonstrate that outsourcing numerous tasks, including software testing, significantly generates revenue growth in the IT sector. And seeing how essential QA testing is to the usability, functionality, and security of mobile app development, software testers must have the necessary skills to ensure the process goes smoothly.

These experts must know the most current best practices and technological advancements to carry out their duties effectively. They must also possess the appropriate technical abilities. However, businesses must invest substantial money and time to hire such expertise. This could take their attention away from other important matters, which could cause delays in getting to market.


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On the other hand, if businesses outsource software testing, they can continue to be productive by giving the entire testing process to a third party. After all, building a high-quality product requires a solid quality assurance plan and comprehensive and efficient testing procedures. Companies can outsource these tasks. They can also stay on schedule for a timely launch by doing so rather than using internal resources to complete them.

The Pros of Outsourcing QA Automation Testing

If done correctly and systematically, outsourcing your QA automation testing can significantly benefit your company’s bottom line. Some of these benefits include:

Minimized Costs

The economic effect is always of utmost significance when evaluating whether to outsource testing or leave it to the internal team. Statistics show QA engineers typically earn $83,000 a year in the US. To establish an internal testing team, you’ll need to hire more than one to form a primary QA team and conduct software testing.

Alternatively, you’ll save thousands of dollars long-term with an outsourced QA testing team while paying less for high-quality work. You can select outsourcing organizations for software testing in different nations with more reasonable prices. 

Vast Industry Expertise

Professional testing companies have a wealth of knowledge with a comprehensive quality assurance strategy. This outsourced team helps you acquire any form of subject-matter expertise in addition to hiring senior-level professionals for you. As a result, they work out all the kinks to ensure your product is bug-free. They must also comply with current IT standards, tools, and trends. You can utilize these experts through outsourced software testing for the required time and pipeline without investing additional funds to hire them full-time. 

Enhanced Flexibility

You can benefit from fast team scalability and swift project modification adaptability when outsourcing your QA testing. Depending on the situation, an outsourced QA crew may quickly scale up or down. An outsourced workforce can also swiftly adjust to your technological requirements in the event of changes in company trajectory or testing objectives.


Efficiency is one of the primary reasons your business needs to outsource its testing. Outsourced software testing gives superior QA testing procedures because you have access to qualified experts with the required knowledge to work on your project. This is particularly profitable if your team lacks the expertise, resources, and technologies necessary for thorough testing.

The Drawbacks of Outsourcing QA Automation Testing

Despite some of the key advantages of outsourcing QA testing, there are still significant drawbacks that you must identify. This is to successfully outsource testing tasks. Below are some of them:

Communication Breakdowns

Working with remote team members is very likely when you outsource software testing. However, this would include dealing with people from various countries and, thus, distinct time zones. These may result in communication breakdowns brought on by linguistic or cultural barriers or make it difficult to work together smoothly owing to time zone differences.

Technical restrictions, such as inadequate internet, an absence of a standard communication strategy, and late replies owing to a lack of physical participation, are some of the communication challenges you’ll face.

Limited Control

When you contract out the management of your QA testing to a third party, you give that party decision-making authority. Even though the project supervisor or team leader gives you reports, you are still somewhat in the dark. There are still unobserved objects, unheard statements, and unregulated activities. 

However, if you have access to timely information that can be used to handle bugs as they arise, it could prevent the entire project from failing and wasting your resources and time. As such, you’ll have to establish clear-cut communication lines from the get-go, including how to handle reports and scheduling of meetings.

Data Security Worries

One of the major worries with outsourced QA testing services is data loss and theft. After all, these teams frequently use private client and business information. Therefore, protecting data security needs to be a top priority. Always select software testing outsourcing businesses that provide security measures to secure the confidentiality and privacy of data to avoid data security risks. 

Outsource Like a Pro With the Experts

In the end, there are more pros to outsourcing your QA testing than to recruiting an internal testing staff. You can increase the quality of your finished product while attaining the needed process efficiencies by using the QA services of an outsourcing firm.

At Practical Logix, we work to maximize the advantages of QA outsourcing and reduce potential risks so you may develop digital solutions that provide your business with a competitive edge. Contact us today for more information on how to outsource your QA automation tests.

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